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The following OREGON® Harvester Distributors cover the territory of Quebec/Québec.
Check with these distributors for new dealers in your area.

   Distributor Name:   MTI Canada Inc.
   Product Offering:   Forestry Products
Harvester Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   1720 boul. de la Rive-Sud
     Saint-Romuald, QC  G6W 5M6
  Phone:   (418) 839-4127
  Fax:   (418) 839-3923
  Email:   info@mticanada.ca
  Website:   www.mticanada.ca

   Distributor Name:   Theo Turgeon Equipement Inc.
   Product Offering:   Cordless Products
Forestry Products
Harvester Products
Log Splitter Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   575 rue Marais
     Quebec, QC  G1M 2Y2
  Phone:   (418) 683-2952
  Fax:   (418) 687-3172
  Email:   theoturgeon@theoturgeon.ca
  Website:   www.theoturgeon.ca

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