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  Oregon Mechanical-Harvester Guide Bars

Many giant timber-harvesting machines equipped with bar-and-cutting-chain felling heads are equipped with our bars. We offer solid bars with sprocket noses, solid bars, and replaceable-sprocket-nose bars. We also supply double-ended slasher bars. All are engineered to the highest precision and quality.

Harvester products offered:
» New SpeedMax™ XL Harvester Bars
» .404" RSN Bars
» Jet-Fit Solid Harvester Bars
» Solid Harvester Sprocket-Nose Bar
» 11BC/H Harvester Bars
» Double-Ended Slasher Bars
» Unequal Ended Bars
» Stump Spray Harvester Bars

JetFit Bar Harvester Selector Guide

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