How to Use the Oregon Blade Lookup

How do I use this blade lookup?
The blade lookup is designed to accept either a blade length or a manufacturer's blade part number. Adding additional information like the mower's manufacturer or the center hole shape narrows the search. A list of Oregon blades matching the criteria entered will be displayed with a picture and dimensions. Note the results will be limited to 100 blades - so it is important to provide any information you can to narrow the search.

Do you know the manufacturer of your lawn mower?
If yes - select the manufacturer from the drop down list manufacturer

Do you know the manufacturer's part # for your blade?
If you do - Congratulations you're done! Enter the part # in box OEM part number
We can provide a list of all Oregon blades, both exact manufacturer replacement and Oregon Gator® and Fusion® blades that will work on your mower.

The part number may be stamped on the blade. If you find a stamped part number but are unsure if it is the original blade from the manuafcturer leave the manufacturer as "All Available" above so that the stamped blade part # can be searched for across aftermarket replacement blades as well as the Original manufacturer.

Find blades based on dimensions
If you don't know the manufacturer's part number we can identify a replacement based on the dimensions of your current blade.
You must provide a blade length and optionally the type of center hole(s) on the blade. The Oregon search will return blades matching your blade length within a 3/4" range. For example if you select a length of 21-1/2" you will see all blades between 21 1/4 and 22 inches in  length.

A guide to the information you’ll see displayed on the Blade Selector Guide:

 Blade Lookup Screen Shot


blade lengthblade length

Blade length: Measured diagonally

    Blade Length
blade lengthblade length

Blade Center Hole:What is the configuration of the holes on the blade where it is attached to the mower deck?

 Many blades will have a round hole in the center of the blade and you will need to know its diameter.  Blade Length
 5 or 7 Point Star
Center holes may be 5 or 7 point star shaped.
  5 point star on blade7 point star on blade
 Square or Rectangular
The MTD built blades on many walk behind lawn mowers have a "bow-tie" hole. In this case the Oregon replacement blade will have a rectangular center hole which will fit on the bow-tie pattern on the blade adapter.
Square or Rectangular hole on blade
 MTD Blades
The MTD® built blades (Bolens, Cub Cadet, Troy-bilt, White, Yard Machine, and Yardman) may have a 6 point star. Oregon replacement blades will have a “Y” shaped center hole which will fit exactly on the 6 point star on the blade spindle.
  6 point star for MTD blades
 The two sizes of the 6 point star.
If your blade spindle has a bolt and lock washer that holds the blade to the machine you would use the 11/16" star or “Y” blade.
  blade spindle with bolt and lock washer
 If your blade is secured with a large flange nut then you would use the 5/8" star or “Y” blade.  blade spindle with large flange nut
blade length

Reset Form button:The reset button will clear your previous selections.

filter option

Feature Filter: Once a selection of blades is displayed, you may further narrow your results by selecting a specific blade feature.

  Heavy Duty  

Greater blade thickness extends the life of the blade.

 High Lift 

The aggressive blade angle increases air flow to push debris up-and-out for superior bagging or side discharge.

 X-tended Feature Info 

Up to twice the cutting length optimizes the cutting efficiency with each revolution.

  Fusion   Stays Sharp Twice as Long - Using exclusive electrofusion technology, Oregon's Fusion® manufacturing process creates an ultra-hard layer at the blade's cutting edge using tungsten carbide, actually embedding it within the blade.

The Oregon Gator® series of lawn mower blades deliver a full range of enhancements designed to boost performance and durability. The exclusive Gator Mulcher® feature on every Gator® blade provides outstanding bagging and discharge efficiency, saving you time and hassle.


Engineered with the core Gator® mulching features that make them a great choice for normal or abrasive conditions.


An optimum combination for a wide range of mower units. Features a high-lift contour as well as two additional, premium features to improve performance and retain blade sharpness.

  G6   Heavy-duty blades designed for commercial applications and to withstand punishing conditions, while offering the full-range of features that make Gator® series blades unique.
  100 Series Mower Blades   The Oregon 100 series of lawn mower blades offer an Ultra Xtended cutting length feature with the cutting edge running the full length of the blade. This produces superior mulching and also an edge conditioned airlift for noise reduction.
blade length

Blade Length Filter: You can use the blade length filter to narrow the results shown.

Oregon Part Number

Oregon Part Number

    Oregon Logo
Outer Hole

Outer Hole: This is the diameter of any holes to the sides of the center hole.

    Outer Hole
center to center

Center to Center: If there are outer holes; this is the distance between the centers of those outer holes.

    center to center
Centro al CentroCentro al Centro

Width and Thickness: Measure both of these near the center of the blade.

    Blade width and thickness

Vertical Drop (Sometimes referred to as offset): If you set the blade on a table this is the distance the center of the blade is above the table top (if any) when the cutting edges are flat on the table

    Vertical Drop or Offset
Medida del Ascensor

Air Lift: Air lift is the distance the lift panel rises above the cutting edge.

    Air lift

Manufacturer: The name of the manufacturer of the blade being replaced. This will be the name of your mower manufacturer; or if you are replacing an aftermarket blade, the name of that aftermarket manufacturer.

Mostrar detalles

Show Detail: Click on "Show Detail” to see application information, corresponding OEM or Aftermarket part numbers and Oregon exclusive features. The listing of blades your search returns will show blades in groups. All blades listed between two solid lines are members of a group and will fit the same mower application.

blade image

Blade Image: Clicking on the small blade image will open a window with a larger picture of the blade.

additional blade information

Additional blade information: Additional blade usage information.

OEM Number

OEM Number: The corresponding OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket part number. All corresponding OEM or aftermarket part numbers are shown. Those matching the OEM part number entered in the selection box will be high-lighted yellow.

Oregon Exlusive

Oregon Exlusive: Oregon exclusive Gator blades are designated with a red icon.

Blade description and features

Blade description and features: The full blade description and icons indicating which Oregon exclusive features this blade has. Clicking on the feature icons will open a page with more info about the feature.



  • Remove and ground spark plug wire
  • Disconnect battery at negative terminal. (for electric start engines only)
  • Refer to owner's manual and follow safety warnings
  • Do not substitute any other bolt for the blade retaining bolt. Blades and blade retaining bolts are specially made for this application.
  • Proper torque must be used when tightening the blade retaining bolt; refer to owner's manual. If this safety precaution is not followed, the blade could come off during operation.


  • Immediately inspect blade if abnormal vibration occurs.


  • Properly support and secure mower when replacing blade.
  • To avoid possible injury, always wear proper eye and hand protection when servicing mower blade.
  • Unbalanced or warped blades can cause damage to the mower and/or personal injury. Inspect the blade(s) and replace damaged blades before operating the mower.