700-Series Auto Grinders
710-120 720-120 730-120  
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700-Series Auto Chain Grinders Assembly Instructions

720-120 Auto Chain Grinder Operating Instructions

730-120 Auto Chain Grinders Operating Instructions

Save time and labor with the Oregon® 710-120. The standard model grinds chains from .325" pitch to .404" pitch. Stand and chain tensioner are available for purchase separately.

The most efficient option for chains .325" pitch to .404" pitch, the All-in-One 720-120 simultaneously sharpens the cutter, sets the depth gauge, and cleans the gullet. Stand and chain tensioner are included.

Great for high volume grinding, the 730-120 Harvester model features a heavy-duty motor and specialized accessories specifically designed to handle 3/4" pitch chain. Stand and chain tensioner included. *Sharpens 3/4" pitch only