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A sharp chain cuts better and faster. And, it’s safer. Oregon accessories—like our chain-sharpening kits, our Premium Bench Grinder and Filing Guides, help you keep all your forestry products working at peak performance.

new grinders, chain breaker and rivet spinner
» 700-Series Auto Chain Grinders
» 310-120 Light-Duty Bench Grinder
» 410-120 Mid-Size Bench Grinder
» 520-120 Premium Quality Bench Grinder
» 620-120 Bench Grinder with Hydraulic Assist
» 24548B Chain Breaker
» 24549B Rivet Spinner
» 554532 Grinder Stand

Accessories - Sharpening:
» 12-Volt Electric Sure Sharp®
» Assembled File Guide
» Bar-Mount Filing Guide
» Chain-Sharpening Kits
» Saw Chain Round Files

Accessories - Other:
» Compact Electric Rivet Spinner
» Heavy-Duty Chain Breaker
» Heavy-Duty Rivet Spinner
» Plastic Wedges
» Two-Cycle Engine Oil

510A Chain Grinder
» Product Warranty Registration

»Saw Chain Sharpening: Filing Anglespdf file
»Saw Chain Sharpening: Grinding Anglespdf file
»Saw Chain Sharpening Toolspdf file
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