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  Double-Guard (Micro-Lite™ and Micro-Lite™ Intenz)
It takes less power from the saw to make the same length of cut with a narrow-kerf bar/chain cutting system than with a standard bar and chain. Micro-Lite™ is the bar for occasional woodcutters who want the advantages of a narrow-kerf cutting system.
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Thickness of side laminates is reduced to work with narrow-kerf chains
Available in models with the Intenz® tensioning mechanism built into the bar itself
  Note 1:  Micro-Lite™ bars are available in two gauges: .043" to be used exclusively with 3/8"-pitch 90SG chain, and .050" gauge to be used exclusively with .325"-pitch 95VP chain. Never install .043"-gauge chain on a .050" gauge bar.
  Note 2:  Always install a Micro-Lite™ bar together with a Micro-Lite™ chain in order to obtain all the advantages built into the Micro-Lite™ narrow-kerf cutting system.
specs .325" pitch (95VP) ; laminated body ; non-replaceable nose sprocket;
small nose radius MBL P/Ns
Recommended saw sizes: 2.2 - 3.5 cu. in (35 - 57 cc); Available lengths 13" - 20" (33 - 50 cm)

specs 3/8" pitch (90SG); laminated body ; non-replaceable nose sprocket; small MLE P/Ns; Recommended saw sizes: Electric or saw 2.4 cu. in (40cc) and smaller Available lengths: 10"-16" (25-41cn)

Micro-Lite Bar
Micro-Lite Intenz Bar
Double-Guard Intenz Use the OREGON Chain Saw Selector Guide

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