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  Power Match® Plus Double
Guard® Bars
The industry standard for professional users cutting clean wood.
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Small-radius nose reduces kickback and makes it easier to cut in tight places
Long nose takes most of the abuse, minimizes wear to the body
Double Guard® noses can replace standard noses with no change in drive-link count
Double Guard® replacement noses fit any Power Match® Plus body and fit all chain gauges (in either .325" or 3/8" pitch)
feature Lubri-Dam® oil-retaining feature prevents oil from running out the bar's tail, keeps more oil on the bar and chain*
feature Lubri Jet® oil holes reduce oil-hole plugging and enhance bar-chain lubrication*
  * Lubri-Dam® and Lubri Jet® oiling features may not be a standard feature on certain bars depending on the date of manufacture of bar type
fits all chain gauges in either .325" or 3/8" pitch; replaceable sprocket nose; small nose radius

Recommended Saw Size: 3.5 cu. in (58Ccc) and larger Lengths: 16" -42" (41-107cm)

Guide to the Oregon Bar Part Numbering System (.pdf)
Power Match Bar with Double Guard
Power Match with Double Guard Use the OREGON Chain Saw Selector Guide

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