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  91P Chain
Oregon® 91P Low Profile™ chain features top-performing Chamfer Chiselâ„¢ cutters and a notched bumper drive link for low-kickback performance, good chip flow, and a smooth cutting action. More Info... pdf file
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Twin-cornered Chamfer Chisel™ cutters deliver efficient cutting and excellent stay-sharp
Ramped depth gauges and ramped bumper drive links deliver a smooth cutting action and low-kickback perfomance
Patented bumper drive links are notched for better chip flow and less clogging
91P chain also features four-way symmetrical tie straps which simplifies the joining of chain loops
Low-profile design complements the effects of kickback-reducing features and results in a smaller volume of chain material being pulled through the kerf.
91 Low Profile™ 3/8 in. (9.5mm) pitch, .050 in. (1.3mm) gauge, sharpens with 5/32 in. (4mm) file.
91P chain is intended for use with electric, or small gasoline-powered saws up to 2.5 cu. in. (41cc) with bars up to 18" (46cm).
Oregon® 91P chain is a blue-label chain; it meets the low-kick-back performance requirements of ANSI B175.1 (US), and CSA Z62 (Canada).
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