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The Latest Word in Saw Chain Safety
Unfortunately, chain saws and vibration just go hand in hand. If you use a chain saw, you’ll be exposed to some level of vibration. The effects of vibration can be hard to see or feel, but repeated exposure to vibration during frequent chain saw use can still be harmful to your hands. The risk is increased if you use your saw for long periods and the types of injury can include circulatory problems, numbness, or painful sensitivity to heat and cold.

How is Vibration Measured?
Vibrations are detected during actual cuts by placing sensors on the saw handles. An internationally recognized method for measuring chain saw vibration has been developed and the ultimate measurement obtained from vibration tests is now known as the “W.A.S.” or “Weighted Acceleration Sum.”

Vibe-Ban handHow does Oregon reduce Vibration?

How does Oregon® Reduce Vibration?
By removing a small amount of material from the bottoms of the heels on cutters and tie straps, the rear of these chain parts can “float” above the guide-bar rail. When the cutter of a standard chain impacts the wood, the cutter is momentarily stopped by becoming trapped between the wood and the bar rail. This releases a tremendous jolt of energy. But on a Vibe-BanTMchain, the small space between the chain and bar allows the chain to act like a shock absorber and much of the energy is dissipated. Over 20 years ago, Oregon began using state-of-the-art equipment to measure vibration. Since that time, chain designs and test-equipment technology have advanced, and now, the results are in. Oregon Vibe-Ban ™ chain reduces the level of vibration by 25% – or more.
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