features and benefits lubrilink™ and lubriwell™

  Better Lubrication for Longer
Life and Higher Performance
Lubrication is a factor that directly affects the overall life and the performance of your cutting chain and guide bar. Poor lubrication will rob your cutting system of overall life and performance, just like improper use or poor maintenance would. But good lubrication will extend the life of your bar and chain while enhancing performance. To help you finish your cutting jobs effectively, Oregon has developed the following group of features that help keep more oil where it’s needed – on your chain and bar.

LubriLink™ is a cavity in chain tie straps that acts like a reservoir, preventing oil from being thrown off the chain by centrifugal force.

  • When the chain slows or stops, held oil flows into the chain’s parts
  • Keeps more oil on the chain, even at the end of
        the chain’s life
  • Lubrilink Detail

    Lubriwell™ is just a simple hole in the chain’s drive links, but it does an important job. It helps carry oil around the entire length of the bar.

  • More oil reaches the bar’s nose
  • More oil is available in the high-friction zone between the chain’s drive links and the bar’s groove

  • Lubriwell Detail

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