products PowerSharp®  bar-mounted sharpening unit

  PowerSharp® Bar-Mount Sharpener with Guide Bar
The bar-mount sharpener, a part of the PowerSharp precision saw chain sharpening system, is a simple-to-use, lightweight attachment that sharpens PowerSharp chain in seconds. Comes with a genuine PowerSharp guide bar. IMPORTANT: Designed to be used only with the PowerSharp system. Requires PowerSharp chain and sharpening stone.
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Bar-mount sharpener is small, lightweight, and portable. Clamps easily to bar tip.
Bar has alignment and latch pin holes, required for use with PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener.
Small-radius bar nose helps reduce kickback energies.
Slim symmetrical contour of bar is lightweight, maneuverable, and reversible for long life.
Guide bar is 91 Low Profile pitch; laminated body; non-replaceable nose sprocket; small nose radius

Recommended saw sizes: 2.3 cu. in. (42 cc) and smaller gas saws

Available lengths: 14", 16", 18" (36, 41, 46 cm)
Bar Mounted Sharpening Unit
Bar Mounted Sharpening Unit