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The Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual is the premier book in the chainsaw industry on how to safely and effectively use and maintain the cutting attachments on your chainsaw.

1. Chainsaw Safety  
2. Introduction: Important Symbols, Chain Terms, Chain Tools, Chain Identification, The Four Basic Rules & How To Maintain Chain  (p. 1-34 )

3. Sharpening Specifications - Oregon® 1/4"-pitch and .325"-pitch Chains (p. 35-41)

4. Sharpening Specifications - Oregon® 3/8"-pitch Chains  (p. 42-53)

5. Sharpening Specifications - Oregon® .404"-pitch and Harvester Chain (p. 54-63)

 6. Filing Square-ground Chain (p. 64-66)

7. Chain Trouble Shooting (p. 67-73)

8. Guide Bars: Basics & Trouble Shooting
(p. 74-87)

9. Drive Sprockets: Basics and Trouble Shooting
(p. 88-93)

10. Helpful How-To Information and The Oregon®
Limited Warranty
(p. 94-97)

Please note: Around the world, Oregon® publishes several versions of its Maintenance and Safety Manual. The one shown on this website is the U.S.A. version. Most of its content applies to chainsaw users everywhere. However, some of its content applies only to users in the United States. Also, there are a few products that do not appear in this Maintenance and Safety Manual because they are not sold in the U.S.A. Please contact your local Oregon® dealer, or contact Oregon® directly, if you have questions about the information presented in any Oregon® publication.

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