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Get your cutting done easier and faster. Our SpeedCut System works as hard as you do. Made for mid-size saws (= 55cc). The narrow kerf guide bar and saw chain need less power for faster cuts in most conditions.

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The Narrow Kerf Advantage

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A narrow kerf means faster cuts because less wood is displaced. Top performance comes from pairing the narrow kerf 95TXL saw chain with a specially built narrow kerf guide bar. Light-weight and efficient, the SpeedCut System cuts faster and better on mid-size chain saws. Always use bars designed for narrow kerf saw chain. Look for this icon Kerf Icon.

SpeedCut Saw Chain 95TXL

Get a faster, easier cut with a reshaped cutting surface and narrow kerf design.

Sharper, more durable cutting edge from a new precision grind and optimized cutting angle.

An easier to sharpen chain, with the cutting surface matched to the file. More indicators help you spot the recommended filing angles.

  • LubriTecâ„¢ keeps guide bar rails and rivet joints oiled, for less wear and longer life.
  • Replaces 95VPX.

* When compared to Oregon 95VPX saw chain.

Gator Speedload Cutting System
Gator Speedload Cutting System

SpeedCut Guide Bars

Up to 20% lighter, for more control and less fatigue with a light-weight aluminum core.

Stiffer and stronger with aerospace bonding technology.

More durable on the job, from a redesigned nose with new parts and materials. Harder bar rails designed to last longer.

  • Better chain retention and less wear via precision rail groove design.
  • LubriTec keeps the chain drive link and chain rivet joints oiled, for less wear and longer life.

** When compared to equivalent Oregon Pro-Lite guide


Bar Length Chain Pitch Gauge Bar Part Number Bar Motor Mount Bar Sprocket Teeth Chain Part Number Drive Link Count Bar & Chain Combo Pack
13"  .325" .050" 130TXLBK095 K095 10 95TXL056G 56  
.325" .050" 130TXLBD025 D025 10 95TXL056G 56  
15" .325" .050" 150TXLBK095 K095 10 95TXL064G 64  
.325" .050" 150TXLGK095 K095 12 95TXL064G 64  
16" .325" .050" 160TXLBK095 K095 10 95TXL066G / M66 66 578482
.325" .050" 160TXLBA074 A074 10 95TXL062G 62 578766
.325" .050" 160TXLGK095 K095 12 95TXL066G / M66 66  
.325" .050" 160TXLGD025 D025 12 95TXL067G 67  
18" 18 .325" .050" 180TXLBK095 K095 10 95TXL072G / M72 72 578764
.325" .050" 180TXLBA074 A074 10 95TXL068G 68 578767
.325" .050" 180TXLGD025 D025 12 95TXL074G 74  
.325" .050" 180TXLGK095 K095 12 95TXL072G / M72 72  
20" 20 .325" .050" 200TXLBK095 K095 10 95TXL080G / M80 80