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PLEASE NOTE: Some OregonŽ distributors sell our Forestry Products. Others sell our Outdoor Equipment Parts. And some of our distributors sell both. Each distributor listing includes "Product Offering" information so you'll know which OregonŽ products they sell.

"Forestry Products" = Cutting chain, guide bars, sprockets, and accessories for chainsaws and
mechanical timber harvesters; and trimmer line and trimmer heads.

"Outdoor Equipment Parts" = Lawnmower blades, belts, spindles, tires, spark plugs, engine parts, and
accessories for mowers; and trimmer line and trimmer heads.

The following Distributors are covering Alberta.
Check with these distributors for new dealers in your area.

   Name:   CPT Canada Power Technology Ltd. (AB)
   Product Offering:   Forestry Products
Harvester Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   10821 - 182nd Street, Unit 101
     Edmonton, AB T5S 1J5
  Phone:   (780) 453-5791
  Fax:   (780) 454-8377
  E-mail:    sales@canadapowertech.com
  Website:   www.canadapowertech.com

   Name:   PSC - Power Source Canada Ltd. (BC)
   Product Offering:   Cordless Products
Forestry Products
Harvester Products
Log Splitter Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   300 - 1628 Derwent Way
     Delta (Vancouver), BC V3M 6R9
  Phone:   (604) 520-1294
  Fax:   (604) 520-1361
  E-mail:    info@powersourcecanada.ca
  Website:   www.powersourcecanada.ca

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